Our Firm

Established as a full services firm by Hector Rivera Jr. in the year 1990, Rivera Global is firm specialized in assist from big corporations to small and medium-sized business in auditing, consulting, accounting, tax, administrative and legal services.

The origin of our firm was the merge of two companies: Rivera Fernandez & Associates, specialized in tax consulting and administrative advising with many years of experience, and high presence in the Dominican market; with the Ureña Puente & associates. A firm recognized for its many achievements in the areas of accounting, auditing and human resources. Both firms joined together to provide a complete, specialized high-quality service.

Our team consists in more than 20 specialists: lawyers, accountants, auditors and economists, all with extensive experience in their field of work, this is the reason why we can assist our clients in a specialized, comprehensive, efficient and expeditious way, filling fully the more demanding requirements of the national and international market.


Our Goals

Our mission

To help our customers get results that allow them to be more competitive, improve earnings and increase the value of their investments under international standards of high quality and advanced technology.

Our Vision

Be at the forefront of best technology in the information systems and services methodology. Anticipating our client´s needs. Providing more innovative concepts and helping them success with business strategies.

Our focus

The focus of our services depends on the results of individual needs of your company or business. Our performance is carried out taking in consideration internal and external factors that could have an impact on the result of the business and its level of efficiency and competitiveness.

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